Birth Pride

Earth's Calling

Current Pride

Ytyua'hs X'ysahtu'e Otu'a






Soul-reading, Terramancy, Crystallization, Energy Obsorption, Immunity to Fire/Heat, Immunity to Ice/Cold.

Spirit-Specific Powers

Nature Immunity (WoRs powers/mutation cannot effect/damage nature), X'ysahtu WoR Immunity (immune to powers/mutations of others from X'ysahtu), Earth-Spirit Sight, Perfect Nightvision, Aura Sight, Immunity to earth-based powers, Immunity to mind control/thralls/manipulation, immunity to instant-kills. Takes extra damage from Soul Damaging powers/weapons. Plant-like growth on shoulder is immune to harm.

One of the cubs that was taken in by the spirits of X'ysahtu, Yienn'et was lured into the safety of the plant-rich world by the song of the spirits. It was the most beautiful thing he, as an infant cub, had ever - and would ever - hear. He was taken in by the spirits like all those who ended up on X'ysahtu, and had an earthen spirit bind itself to him. It's manifestation has actually merged with Yienn'et's own Elemental Mutation, the growths of the flowers having glowing green petals mixing into them. The rest of his Elemental Mutation comes in the form of his body actually being made of crystal, and the vines that wrap around his forelegs. His paws end in sharp talons of crystal, which can be deadly in fights or hunts as they can tear through just about anything. The flowers upon his back/neck/head area do bloom, blossom, and close, seemingly at random intervals of the day. Some will be open while others are still closed, and then night will arrive and the others will blossom. These flowers cannot be damaged due to the earth spirit's influence, but his crystal body can be damaged if enough force is behind a hit.

He has the power to alter the earth and plants around him to his heart's content, and can obsorb energy through the flowers (be it sun energy, life energy, spiritual powers) on his back. This defensive power actually makes him immune to most powers that take on energy forms, as the flowers will obsorb the energies and take away the power behind the attacks. He also has the ability to cause 'Crystallization' to others through touch; causing their body to be covered in crystals that can completely consume them, killing them or just causing them to be immobilized - depending on his intentions. However this power can sometimes go haywire, causing his own crysal body to adhere to the ground as crystals cover the area around him. When this happens, it can take a great deal of effort to recall the crystals, and leaves him open to attack.

On X'ysahtu he had been close friends with Mibarau'et, the Cloud WoR of the group had an open and friendly personality that most found appealing. He was easy to get along with, and Yienn'et easily found himself counting the other male as a close friend. They had an insight into each other that they lacked with the other members of their family, being something more like real brothers than makeshift family. When it was time to hunt for living prey, they were almost always in the same hunting party; with Abraul'a usually tagging along as well, as Mibarau'et would often invite the trickster who he had a fondness for.

Early into their adult years, after having passed their coming of age with the Treeko'ra, Mibarau'et mentioned to Yienn'et that he thought he saw something unusual in the Ark'tou. Something he couldn't describe, that seemed to be wandering through the lands when everyone else was resting for the night. He didn't feel right about it, felt a foreboding that actually caused him to admit to Yienn'et that he was worried, and asked if anything ever happened to him if Yienn'et could look after Abraul'a for him. She meant a lot to him, and he didn't want to see her get hurt if something happened. It was waved off as paranoia when days passed and nothing had happened, and Mibarau'et hadn't seen anything else of this unknown spectre.

A month later, Mibarau'et was killed after having been lured into the Measu'aa (ash field).

Ever since, Yienn'et has vowed to himself to keep his promise to Mibarau'et in memory of his friend. He spent more time around Abraul'a than he previously did, getting to know the female he had previously just known as a trickster and friend of Mibarau'et. He views himself as her unofficial guardian.

IriKan Info
Type: Pure
Personification: Locked
Power: Locked

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