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Mage-reading, Teleportation, Shapeshifting (limited to mammalian species), Immunity to Curses/Thralls, Aura Sight, True Sight.

She is a Lapialu, a type of Apialu that lives in the Wish Dimension. Outsiders view her kind as a type of lesser demon, or travelling tricksters. To her, and her own kind, they simply just are.

They survived through the years by being shapeshifters, and hiding in plain sight. Some wrongly believed their kind to be extinct, or nothing more than rumour. Lapialu are more inclined to be open about what they are than their Kapialu counterparts. They're more trusting of others, but never trust the wrong sort.

Her ability to shapeshift is only limited to mammalian species. She can shift her pattern around when she changes form, but any form she takes will always be made up of the colours she really is. She can't add different colours, or take colours away.

Her wings are glossy, and always shimmer with the touch of glowing starlight.

Apialu are not known to take on permanent mates, and do not raise their own young. If the offspring is a pure Apialu it is given to a Den and raised by a Den-mother (usually a Sapialu). If the offspring is a non-Apialu, it's up to the other parent to raise it, or it's left on it's own. Most Apialu lack parental instinct, and view young as a risk to their own survival.

They can take on permanent mates, but it's incredibly rare. They can breed with other species, while in that other species form, but aren't likely to stick with them. Any offspring born to an Apialu will take on the form the Apialu was in when it became pregnant.

All species art & ideas © GryphonIce from Battle Prides
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