Birth Pride

Shifting Mirage

Current Pride

Ebon Shadow





Area of Study


Amulet Powers

Amulet-Sense (can always sense the location of other WoRs of its year), Dream Connection (limited, uncontrolled), Healer - Healing Auras (can see the Auras around medicinal plants), Pain Banishment, Soothing Touch, Mind Healing, Pocket Realm Access (Unique to the individual).


Mage-reading, Aura Sight, True Sight, Illusion Creation and Manipulation, Teleportation, Hypnotic Gaze, Mirage Form, Hallucinogenic Aura, Body is Susceptible to Illusion Manipulation (can be controlled by others with the power to manipulate illusions), Form is only tangible when others are present nearby.

Adult Notes
Among the first group of WoRs to arrive in the Archives, she grew up beneath the perplexed guidance of the Archivists who never knew quite what to make of her. Her form would seem intangible from afar, like she was a flickering illusion of empty space, but up close she was very much solid and real. Many would mistakenly believe she wasn't flesh and blood since she couldn't be damaged physically, and the Archivists found this odd. Being in her presence can sometimes cause others to start hallucinating mirages in the distance, a passive ability she can't control. Sometimes they see harmless things, other times they see things that unsettle or frighten them, and she feels the blame for whatever it is they see. Being brought up in the Healer area of study, she dislikes causing mental trauma for others, but accepts she cannot stop it from happening.

Often exploring the Archives when she was younger, she became familiar with most of the areas being kept preserved by the Archivists. There were areas where ruins were falling to rubble, and bones of hulking creatures long dead. The spire that led to the stars above was often an interesting area to explore, although she never made the quest herself. Out in the oceans there were skeletal remains that had unusual stories, and sometimes she and the others of her age-group would come up with stories as to what they may have looked like when they were flesh and blood, and how they came to exist and die on a world without a name. While some of them - the Scholars - could tell the true stories, they found it a fun past time to make up false ones between their group to pass the time.

When the younger groups of WoRs began to appear she had already finished her training in the area of study as a Healer, so she was likely one of the young adults that mentored the cubs and kept them away from the probing questions of overzealous Archivists.

IriKan Information
Manifestation: Unknown, seems to appear differently to all that see it
Alignment: Knowledge
Powers: Illusion Creation/Control, Lotus Shield (covers allies in an invulnerable shield of energy), Mirage Blades (summons phantom blades).

All species art & ideas © GryphonIce from Battle Prides
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