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Mage-reading, Instant Healing & Regeneration (wounds create minor "black holes" which force the wounds shut), Instant-Kill Immunity, Teleporation (night/darkness only), Infinite Telekinesis, Gravitational Aura. Immunity to Cold/Ice.

Born a number of Eclipses ago, he's a Whisper that was born in the time when the domestics were not known or present. Like all those of his Birth Eclipse he was taken to a snowy cold world two weeks after being born. A gust of icy wind enveloped him and teleported him off to this world. It was an icy kingdom where snow blanketed everything, and the WoRs would have frozen to death if the inhabitants of this world hadn't found them in time.

They were large horned felines that called themselves Taekryi, and they were the dominant creatures of the cold world. Covered from face to tail in thick fur of varying colours and decorations, the Taekyri were a nomadic species constantly on the move. For them, and those of this world, to stay still meant to die to the blizzards and cold.

"Selarias hunts on the cold winds, if you fall behind, she'll eat you as offering," was the belief the Taekyri followed. They believe that the spirit of the world existed in the blizzards that roamed the world, and that the snowy depths of the blizzards contained her. Anyone that fell behind the group as they moved were left to their fates - for the blizzards were deep and blinding, and no one could save them once Selarias had them in her cold grasp. (Those that wandered too close to the blizzard's edge would tell tales of seeing Selaris out in the white; of seeing the huntress consuming those that had fallen behind. They said it was like the world itself reaching up from the snow and down from the skies to devour them completely.)
The WoRs were taught how to hunt, and blessed by the Taekyri Elders to be immune to the cold (and ice). So long as they never lost themselves to the blizzards they would be safe from the cold of the world.

The Whispers of his Eclipse Year remained in this snowy world for almost two years before they were returned to the Ice Plains. Finding himself in a world that was not ruled by the cold, or living constantly on the move for fear of dying, was a cultural shock to his system. For the first few years he remained constantly on the move - wandering The Valleys, the Unclaimed Territories, and all the areas inbetween. To be in one place too long felt unnatural to him, but as the years passed on he began to realize that the Ice Plains did not require him to be nomadic to survive.
He still moved from one place to the next, but learned to enjoy the journey and not see it as a necessity to survival anymore. He could remain in one place for weeks, months, even years if he wanted to. Selarias and her blizzards did not exist here.

But the Shades did, and in that area beyond The Border he began to think of the Shades as this world's blizzards. As a force to be avoided, and whose way to steer clear of lest he fall behind and die to their madness. While Blood-Marked, he has not sought to become a Slayer and it's likely not a route he would have interest in ("The Shades are the blizzard of this world. I will not fall to it, or tempt it.")

As a Whisper of Rekura he has an Elemental Mutation that shows in the sunset hues of his mane and paws, and the shimmering marks of sunset that linger in his paw prints as he moves. He also has silvery space rock that floats around his body, caught in the gravitational field of his aura. These rocks are invulnerable to harm and constantly revolving around his body. When he's angry or seeking to defend himself he can temporarily summon more space rocks to create a barrier around his body.

He has an IriKan that exists as a constant presence in his mind, and has a masculine tilt to it's mindvoice. It's a separate entity from him and has it's own personality, though it cannot communicate with others. When he's angry/upset he can summon his IriKan into physical form to help defend or fight for him.

IriKan Information
Designation: Neutral
Type: Celestial
Personification: Appears in the form of a canine made of star dust and sunset rays.
Powers: Setting Stone (turns targets in an area temporarily to stone), Orbital Reprieve (teleports targets away from an area, but forces them to return to where they were teleported to when they attempt to return), Starlight Citadel (blinds all targets in an area).

All species art & ideas © GryphonIce from Battle Prides
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