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Soul-reading, Teleportation, Soul Devour, Instant Healing/Regeneration, Soul/Spirit Sight, Bone Rites, Immunity to Undead-related Powers/abilities. Weak against soul corruption, sensitive to purifying powers/abilities.

Born under an Eclipse, she is a Whisper of Rekura. Her Elemental Mutation comes in the form of bones that appear on her body and burrow under her flesh, or rise up from beneath. Her body itself acts like burial sand, drawing bones to it and slowly devouring them over time. Some bones seem self-replenishing, burying themselves completely before reforming to begin the process once again. Others are bones that are from her surroundings, and drawn to her body like a magnet. If she's near the bones of something that hasn't been buried, those bones will become a part of her. Since there were no bones in the world she was taken to, it wouldn't be until her return to her birth world where she'd become familiar with this side of her mutation.

The bones she takes on become almost like an armour upon her body. The bones cannot be harmed or moved by others, and are a somewhat invulnerable shield against attacks. She's the only one that can remove the bones, though she'll feel an instinctive Element-driven need to keep them. Like all Burial Kats she'll have a natural drive to help the dead move onto the next life, though this drive was one she could not completely handle in the memory world. The memories would live and die around her, and as much as she was driven to help them move on from the torment of reliving it over and over, she could do nothing for them.

She has the power to devour souls, and take on the powers of those she devours, but there were no souls to devour in that world. Her power of Bone Rites is tied to her Elemental Mutation and allows for her to view flashes of the bone's origins, and temporarily gain access to knowledge they had. This is another power she was not able to make use of in that memory world, and one she would have to learn to use now.

In the memory world she was always aware of the status of the memories. Always able to sense and know that they were long-dead apparitions of a lost world. Though she wanted to make the memories move onto the next world, she never grew attached to them as individuals.

IriKan Information
Manifestation: Deep-reef Diver
Powers: Submerging Silence (spiritual water floods an area, devouring all sound and negating powers/abilities that require speech), Burial Waters (drowns a target from within), Underwater Breathing.
Notes: IriKan are fully sentient but only able to telepathically communicate with their bonded WoRs. They cannot speak to others, even though they can understand what is being said to them. IriKan cannot be harmed except by other IriKan, Divine Beings, or a Godblade. They can channel their own abilities through their bonded, allowing the WoR access to what the IriKan can do.

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